Teachers Training Programme Details

These are held if needed and as short courses for school teachers from all schools and all subjects.


• To provide cost effective and expert skill enhancement trainings for teachers teaching any age group
• Enhance capabilities of teachers for instilling morals and values in children through the right role modeling


As needed

Staff Details

Most of our staff comprises graduates from Alhuda International Welfare Foundation.

Where are these classes held

This information can be obtained from the Head Office, regional offices and most main branches of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation.


This includes:
• Quran and hadith
• Islamic heroes
• Teaching techniques
• Discipline techniques
• Class room management


This includes:
• Interactive sessions
• Role play
Hands on activities
• Group activities
The trainings are conducted in a friendly environment with experienced, motivated instructors.

Classes currently offered

This information can be obtained from the Head Office Alhuda International Welfare, Islamabad.

Upcoming classes

Will be held as needed.