Ummahat Programme Details

These classes are held for mothers and female guardians as part of all our children programs.


  • To guide mothers in Islamic parenting skills
  • Train mothers to help their children develop a strong Muslim character through the home environment


Class breakup is in accordance with children’s classes and needs of the group.

Staff Details

Most of our staff comprises graduates from Alhuda International Welfare Foundation.

Where are these classes held

This information can be obtained from the Head Office, regional offices and most main branches of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation.


This includes:
• A review of the curriculum taught in all children classes
• Islamic parenting techniques for reinforcing concepts taught in class
• Age appropriate parenting skills,


This includes:
• Teaching mothers/guardians the same curriculum as their children.
• Interactive discussions with deep comprehension of all concepts on application in lives of children
• Role play
• Group activities
All activities are carried out in a very friendly and highly motivating environment.

Classes currently offered

This information can be obtained from the Head Office Alhuda International Welfare, Islamabad.

Upcoming classes

Classes will resume after Eid ul Fitr with fresh ideas and renewed curriculum plans.